How to Find Your Kailua Kona Dream Home When Inventory is Low

How to Find Your Kailua Kona Dream Home When Inventory is Low

  • Ellison Team Hawaii
  • 03/28/22

Kailua Kona is on the west coast of the big island of Hawaii, and it is understandable why you have chosen this location for your dream home. Like most of Hawaii, this tropical paradise boasts spectacular views, perfect tropical weather, and the laid-back Hawaiian charm everyone who visits here falls in love with. White sandy beaches full of activities like snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and hanging out on the beach create the perfect place to call home. An active resort community full of amenities like golfing, shopping, spa services, and fantastic entertainment options, Kailua Kona will immerse you into the Hawaiian lifestyle you desired when deciding to purchase your dream home here.

It is extremely frustrating when you finally decide to purchase something, only to not be able to find the item — this is especially true when it is your dream home. The decision to start searching for Kailua Kona homes in Hawaii is a big one, and you have most likely put forth hours of research and discussion to arrive at this point. Now that you are ready to make a move, you cannot find a home that meets your needs. The housing market continues to be a seller’s market, and available inventory is limited. Landing your dream home will require patience and creativity, but it is possible with the help of Big Island real estate agents.

How to find your Kailua Kona dream home

Patience is a tricky thing to practice when you want something so badly

We live in a society of instant gratification, and having to develop patience to obtain something can be challenging. Investing in your dream home is a long-term opportunity. Thinking of the purchase as an investment instead of the place you hope to spend relaxing may help you to develop the patience required to find the right property. New listings are limited right now, not only in Hawaii but all over the entire country. Listings do become available as sellers decide to take advantage of the market or move on in a different direction. Waiting for the right home to become available will ultimately give you the best opportunity for your investment and a home that you love. Use the time while you are waiting to explore the area. Learn more about Hawaiian culture and lifestyle, take up a new water sport, or simply enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. Prepare yourself for transitioning into your dream home by browsing local furniture stores or asking about contractors who may be able to do upgrades for you once you finally find the perfect home. Occupy your time with productive things that will help you to move quickly into your new space once it is available.

Consider modifying your search criteria

When a buyer decides to begin the search for houses in Kailua Kona, they develop a list of things that are important to them and their family. When there’s more inventory, it may be a simpler task to match up your requirements with the available listings. You may even have a few different Kailua Kona homes to choose from. The market today is a seller’s market, and finding an exact match is not an easy feat. Changing your requirements may present other opportunities to you. Broaden your search to include a lesser number of bedrooms, remove requirements for kitchen appliances, or consider less square footage as these are all things that could be modified in the future. Houses with lesser square footage may be a better investment for you right now. An addition to the home could give you the extra square footage you desire in the future. Speak to your agent or local contractor to understand any building codes before making a purchase to ensure you are able to make your desired changes. Appliances could be updated, bathrooms remodeled, and bonus rooms converted to bedrooms if you get creative with the available space.

Allow your agent to use their network to work for you

Real estate agents spend their careers building a network of contacts. Buyers, sellers, attorneys, contractors, and everything in between are entered into their address books for future reference. Pulling from these contacts gives them access to fantastic opportunities that may not even hit the mainstream market. They may know of a person who has decided to leave their Hawaiian life behind for a new adventure, and that person may want to place their Kailua Kona real estate for sale. Your agent could then connect them to you as a buyer wishing to purchase their new dream home and help to facilitate the transaction.

Your agent is also familiar with local resources that could modify a home that may not be your exact match. Local contractors often network with real estate agents to complete home upgrades before listing a home or during the inspection process. Utilize these connections if you find a home that does not meet all of your requirements to gain an understanding of potential costs and timelines to upgrade it. Your agent will work closely with you and their larger network of people to get you into your dream home as quickly as possible.

Be prepared to act quickly if a home becomes available

You know you're ready to browse homes for sale in Kailua Kona and that it is a seller’s market currently. Prepare your finances and any contingencies you may have well before you find the home. If you plan on using a mortgage service, get pre-approved for the loan and have documents in place to prove the pre-approval. If you are making a cash transaction, have your bank prepared to release a statement that has your proof of funds. Ensure your attorney is on board and ready for all legal work that needs to be completed and that your accountant is aware of your plan to purchase in the event you should have any tax implications in the future. Having all of these items and resources in place will allow you to come to the bidding table with not only a solid price but also the ability to close the deal quickly and efficiently.

Ready to look for Kailua Kona homes for sale?

Having the patience to wait for the right property or changing your expectations will help you to find a home. Working with your agent and having all of the right resources in place will ensure that you are able to close the deal once you locate the home. When you’re ready to take the next steps, reach out to one of the trusted agents at The Ellison Team for assistance.

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